private limited company registration

Things to know about the conversion of companies already registered

Conversion of companies already registered: A company of any class which is registered under this act may convert itself as a company of other class under this act by altering the articles and the memorandum of the company in accordance with the provisions. Where the conversion is required to be done under this section, the registrar shall on an application made by the company, after satisfying himself with the provisions which are applicable for the registration of companies that have…

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Conversion of Private Limited Company to One Person Company

Private Limited Company to OPC: Under the specific criteria, a private limited company and the company which is registered under the section 8 can convert into one Person Company. If the paid up share capital is less than the fifty lakhs of rupees and the annual turnover is less than the threshold limit, which is 2 crore rupees, can convert itself into one person company by passing a special resolution in the board meeting. The notice of general meeting need…

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Private Limited Company Privileges And Exemptions

Here, we are going to see the privileges and exemptions which can be enjoyed by the private company. The companies act, 1956, confers certain privileges or concession to private companies when compared to public companies. Privileges and exemptions which can be enjoyed by the private company. The moment when the private company got ceased, would lose its privileges and exemptions. Beneficiary things will be discussed here. They are as follows: Privileges and Exemptions: Privileges and exemptions which can be enjoyed by…

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