private limited company registration in chennai

Private limited company registration in Chennai is a small business that is run privately, it is highly recommend industries in India especially for start-ups.

Registration of a private limited company registration in Chennai is govern by the Companies Act 2013 in India.

According to the Companies Act, 2011, starting a private company requires a minimum of 2 shareholders and a maximum of 200 members. If a private limited company registration in Chennai undergoes any financial risk, it is not subject to the sale of the personal assets of the members or shareholders, i.e. they should have limited liability.

Company Online Company registration requires a minimum of 2 directors and a maximum of 15 directors. The proposed director must be 18 years of age or above 18 years of age. The proposed director of a private limited company registration may also be a foreign national

No minimum paid-up capital investment is require for registration of a private limited company. And importantly, in every “Pvt. ltd.” Must be include

.After his company name

A private limited company is not a business that always ends because it exists after the death or bankruptcy of its members or even after bankruptcy.

This type of company is not allow to seek approval from the public or from anyone in the public sector. People are not able to transfer shares in a private limited company as it protects the takeover of private limited company registration in Chennai from large companies.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration in India

There are many benefits Some of them are as follows:

An officially registered private limited company registration in Chennai enhances the credibility of your business.

It protects owners from other hazards and losses and helps out of personal liability

Attracts more customers

Ease of getting a bank credit or loan

Provides limited liability to maintain and grow your company and its assets

More attractive stability and more funding complement

Increase the potential for large growth and expansion

Here are some of the benefits of registering a private limited company in India

Credit availability

A private limited company registration in Chennai can receive unsecured bonds as well as funds from shareholders. This type of company is regard as a corporate entity that draws various venture capitalists and angel investors to help the company raise more funds and expand their business.

Perform globally

Private limited companies support foreign direct investment while other types of companies need proper licensing / licensing and appreciation from the administration for foreign money investment.

Limited liability

As a private limited company registration in Chennai is a separate legal entity, the liability of the directors or members of a private limited company is limited to their shares only.

Increase value in the marketplace

A registered company is more reliable than non-registered companies. All information about the registration of private limited companies is available in full from the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Suppliers, vendors and investors rely on private limited company with other business entities that in turn increase the company’s brand value among customers and suppliers and other investors.

Separate the legal entity

A private limited is treat as a separate legal entity with all the rights to sue or prosecute. He acts as an artificial person and can buy any property or possessions in his own name.

Permanent existence

A private limited company registration in Chennai is consider to exist for a lifetime, which means that it cannot be terminate or dissolve due to many reasons such as death, retirement or insanity of any of their directors / members / shareholders.

Ease of transfer of ownership

It is very easy to transfer shares to new members and issue new shares in a private limited company.

Checklist for company registration in India

As per the Companies Act, 2011 per, any company registered in India must meet the following conditions.

Two directors

To start a private limited company registration formation in Chennai , at least two directors are require and at most, there can be 15 and more importantly at least one director must be a resident of India.

Unique name:

Choose a unique name for your business. The proposed name does not match any companies or trademarks that already exist in India.

Minimum capital contribution:

No pressure of funding requirements as there is no minimum capital requirement to start a company. A private limited company with a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh.

Registered Office:

Rental space or office fee can also be a company registered office fee, there is no need to have commercial space. All you need to do is keep a letter of intent from a landlord or landlord.

Documents required

PAN card of shareholders and directors. A valid passport is require for foreign nationals.

Proof of identity of shareholders and director, such as Aadhaar card and voter ID / passport / driving license.

Director address proof shareholders and directors, such as the latest telephone bill / electricity bill / bank account statement.

Latest passport size photo of shareholders and directors.

Proof of business address like latest electricity bill / telephone bill of registered office fee address

Obtain NOC or any objection certificate from the owner (s) of the registered fee

If there is a register office fee rental space then a rental agreement is require


In case of Foreign National or NRI, the documents of the Director (s) should be apostilled or notarize.

Registration process:

RUN name allowed

First name approval is sought from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for the propose company names. Up to 2 names can be provided. In case of denial of both the names, the opportunity to resubmit the form with 2 more names is provided. This name must be acceptable to MCA as per the Companies Act 2013.

Digital signature

The digital signature must be obtain for the proposed director of the company. A digital signature is require to sign the insertion application. However, a digital signature is not require to obtain name approval. Therefore, this process of obtaining a digital signature may run parallel to the name approval process.

Insertion Application Submission

Upon obtaining a digital signature certificate in Chennai, the investment application can be submitted in a spicy form with the MCA. There is no need to get RUN name approval to submit a spicy form. Therefore, if the RUN name is not approve, if the name is available, the company will be include. In case the name is not available, the insertion documents must be resubmit. Therefore, it is advisable to seek RUN name approval before submitting the spicy form.


Upon submission of the investment application, a private limited company registration in Chennai investment certificate with PAN and TN is issue by MCA within 1-2 business days. An example of the process covered below is reproduce for reference.

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